Ng Tube Manufacturers

Ng Tube is produced by GreatCare factory, one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have FDA standard and can make customized Ng Tube. We have passed CE certification. On the basis of guaranteeing the quality, we will offer the most competitive price for mutual benefits. Once you buy our products which supply bulk packing, we guarantee the large quantity in quick delivery. In addition, we will also provide free sample. For more info, please contact us. Look forward to working with you! Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guide and negotiate business.
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  • Greatcare Medical is a professional manufacturer of Tube Brush in China. Tube Brushes are specially designed brushes used to clean the tubes or channels within medical equipment.

  • ISO13485 and CE certified Tubercle Bacillus Syringe Manufacturer with high quality. Tubercle Bacillus Syringe is a specialized syringe that is used to inject a small amount of live bacteria into the skin.

  • Suction Connecting Tubes are a complete system for connecting suction sources to suction waste collection systems, suction catheters, yankauers, suction probes and other suction devices. Excellent quality Suction Connecting Tube with reasonable price

  • Customized manufacturer of Duodenal Feeding Tube in China. Duodenal Feeding Tube is placed in the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine. These tubes are used for individuals who cannot tolerate gastric feeding due to gastric dysfunction, impaired gastric motility, severe reflux or vomiting.

  • Silicone Stomach Tube is mainly used for clinical emergency and critically ill patients to inject, drink or rinse liquid medicine through the mouth, and suck out liquid and gas. A stainless steel ball or a tungsten ball is added to the head end of the silicone heavy head gastric tube to make the tube easier to go down into the stomach. OEM Silicone Stomach Tube Manufacturer in China with CE and ISO13485.

  • A Stomach Tube is used to introduce food, nutrients, medication, or other material into the stomach, or drain undesirable contents from the stomach, or decompress the stomach. The tube is inserted into a patient’s stomach through the patient’s nose or mouth. The Stomach Tube is made from PVC in medical grade, consists of main tube and connector. OEM Stomach Tube Manufacturer in China.

Customized Ng Tube high quality manufacturing factory in China - GreatCare. In good faith management, quality first principle, hope to cooperate with all businesses, create a better future. You can rest assured to buy Ng Tube from us. Since 2000, with over 22 years medical device supply experience. At present, the company mainly provides services to customers in East China, South China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and the world.
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