Anaesthesia Supplies

Greatcare medical is a professional China Anaesthesia supplies Manufacturers and Suppliers. We have specialized in Airway Management, ET Tube Accessories, Anaesthesia Breathing Circuit, Disposable Breathing Filter and Anesthesia Mask for 22 years and exported our products to more than 40 countries with good quality and services.

Greatcare Anaesthesia supplies are designed to provide safe, economical and convenient medical gas delivery. All these products was made from Medical Grade raw material, all these products passed Biocompatibility Test.

Greatcare Anaesthesia supplies has various certificate, such as CE certificate, ISO13485 and Free sale certificate, with export qualifications, is a direct sales factory, has its own factory and has operated for many years.
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  • Anesthesia Easy Masks are intended for the delivery of anesthetic gases, air and/or oxygen to patients. Customized Anesthesia Easy Mask factory in China, with CE and ISO13485, Th mask was PVC free.

  • Silicone Anesthesia Masks are intended for the delivery of anesthetic gases, air and/or oxygen to patients. Greatcare is a professional Silicone Anesthesia Mask factory in China, with CE and ISO13485.

  • Disposable Air Cushion Mask for resuscitation, anesthesia, and other oxygen or aerosol delivery applications. Disposable Air Cushion Mask are designed for anesthesia, breathing or resuscitation. Greatcare is a professional Disposable Air Cushion Mask supplier in China.

  • Customized Bacterial Viral Filter factory in China with CE and ISO13485. Bacterial Viral Filter used for patients receiving artificial ventilator support, designed to trap bacteria and viruses in a closed breathing environment, ensuring cross-contamination is prevented.

  • Customized factory of Heat Moisture Exchanger Filter in China. Heat Moisture Exchanger Filter uses the patient's own humidity and moisture from the exhaled breath to humidify the anesthetic gas during inhalation. Once the patient is intubated, the upper airway is bypassed, which results in a loss of humidification of the inhaled air. Dry air can have detrimental effects on the patient, so to prevent trauma to the patient, a hygroscopic HME can be used instead of the upper airway to act as a humidifier.

  • Catheter Mounts is connected between the patient and the breathing circuits. The mount with dual swivel connectors and flexible tubing provides mobility and flexibility to the patient end of the circuit. China Catheter Mount factory with ISO13485 and CE.

As a professional high quality Anaesthesia Supplies Manufacturers and Suppliers in China, our factory has the latest technology and production equipment, which can provide customers all over the world very good service. GreatCare has many years' experience and has established a complete system. As long as you want to know the products, we can provide you with a satisfactory price with planning. In terms of quality you do not have to worry, because the bulk of Anaesthesia Supplies not only passed CE certification, but also have have FDA standard. If you want to buy in bulk, we will provide Free Sample. You may need some Customized services to meet the actual needs of your region, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage.
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