Gastroenterology Supplies

Greatcare medical is a professional China Gastroenterology supplies Manufacturers and Suppliers. We have specialized in Nasogastric Tube, Enteral Feeding Set and Enema Bag for 22 years and exported our products to more than 40 countries with good quality and services.

Greatcare Gastroenterology supplies are designed to provide nutrient solution to patient or doing gastric lavage or flush out the colon. All these products can be DEHP free and Latex free, All these products was made from Medical Grade raw material and passed Biocompatibility Test.

Greatcare Gastroenterology supplies has various certificate, such as CE certificate, ISO13485 and Free sale certificate, with export qualifications, is a direct sales factory, has its own factory and has operated for many years.

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  • Drainage Bag is used for collecting blood and body fluids during medical procedure in operating rooms and clinical departments.Customized Drainage Bag manufactured in China.

  • Driange Tubes drain blood, fluid, or air from around your lungs, heart, or esophagus.China Drainage Tube supplier with CE and ISO13485.

  • Penrose Tube is used for surgical wound drainage. The Latex Penrose Tubing manufacturers in China with excellent quality.

  • The bile T-tubes are a tube consisting of a stem and a cross head(thus shaped like a T),The cross head is placed into the common bile duct while the stem is connected to a small pouch(i.e. bile bag),it is used as a temporary post-operative drainage of common bile duct.Greatcare T-tube is produced in China wih CE and ISO13485.

  • The Colostomy Bag is used for the patient who has just finished the surgical neostomy of ileum or colostomy to hold his excrement and help him to get well. Greatcare Colostomy Bag supplier in China with reasonable price.

  • Wound Drainage Reservoir is a collection of sterile devices designed to remove fluids or purulent material from a closed wound in a controlled manner. China manufacturer of Wound Drainage Reservoir with excellent quality.

As a professional high quality Gastroenterology Supplies Manufacturers and Suppliers in China, our factory has the latest technology and production equipment, which can provide customers all over the world very good service. GreatCare has many years' experience and has established a complete system. As long as you want to know the products, we can provide you with a satisfactory price with planning. In terms of quality you do not have to worry, because the bulk of Gastroenterology Supplies not only passed CE certification, but also have have FDA standard. If you want to buy in bulk, we will provide Free Sample. You may need some Customized services to meet the actual needs of your region, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage.
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