Corrugated Anesthesia Circuit
  • Corrugated Anesthesia CircuitCorrugated Anesthesia Circuit
  • Corrugated Anesthesia CircuitCorrugated Anesthesia Circuit
  • Corrugated Anesthesia CircuitCorrugated Anesthesia Circuit

Corrugated Anesthesia Circuit

Greatcare is a customized Corrugated Anesthesia Circuit Manufacturer in China. Corrugated Anesthesia Circuit is a system of tubing, reservoir bags, and valves used to deliver a precise mixture of oxygen and anesthetic gas from the anesthesia machine to the patient and to remove carbon dioxide.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of Corrugated Anesthesia Circuit

Corrugated Anesthesia Circuit is composed of corrugated tubing, connector, Luer port and cap, Limb, breathing bag, gas sampling line, bacterial filter and breathing bag.

2. Product Specification of Corrugated Anesthesia Circuit





Anesthesia Circuit





Breathing Circuit with two water traps





Extendable Circuit




3. Feature of Corrugated Anesthesia Circuit

1. Have a good flexibility and bending resistance ,not meander, not broken which made sure to supply are smoothly in mechanical ventilation.

2. Uses standard cuff which can connect reliable with monitoring devices and use simple and convenient in clinical.

3. It has no irritation on human skin and mucosa, and no allergic reaction and other damagers.

4. Breathing bag: Latex color blue or Latex Free color green, volume 0.5L, 1L,2L and 3L.

5. Sterile by EO, single use.

4. Direction for use of Corrugated Anesthesia Circuit

● Open the package by tearing off from the bottom edge V-shape opening, DO NOT use scissors or cutter to open the package to avoid product damage.

● Before connecting the product to patient, securely attach all connections by using a twisting action to ensure a leak free and tight fit.

● Following the machine instruction to test the product, make sure the product is compatible with the machine used and confirm that the product has no leakage and occlusion.

● Make sure the ports of the product such as gas sampling port, pressure port and temperature port are closed when not connected to the monitoring line.

● Patient should be monitored constantly whenever the product is in use.

5. FAQ of Corrugated Anesthesia Circuit

Q: What is the delivery time if I place my order?

A: Delivery time is around 45 days, if you have special requirements, pls check with us, we will try our best to meet you.

Q: Can you supply the relevant documentation?

A: Yes, we can provide most documentation including CE, ISO13485, FSC, FDA where required.

Q: Can I get samples before my order ?

A: Free samples are available.

Q: Can I get a lower price if l order large quantities?

A: Yes, prices can be discounted with bigger order quantities.

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