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Catheter Mount

Catheter Mounts is connected between the patient and the breathing circuits. The mount with dual swivel connectors and flexible tubing provides mobility and flexibility to the patient end of the circuit. China Catheter Mount factory with ISO13485 and CE.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of Catheter Mount

The catheter mount serves as an intermediate connection between the patient and the breathing circuit.

2. Product Specification of Catheter Mount




Length:0.2m;ID:15.0mm/22mm,OD:15mm;Luer port




Length:0.2m;ID:15.0mm/22mm,OD:15mm;Helix locking notch





3. Feature of Catheter Mount

1. The purpose of a Catheter Mount is to reduce resistance on the endotracheal tube or laryngeal mask by shifting the weight of the breathing system away from the patient.

2. Tube Types: Corrugated, Expandable and Smooth Bore.

3. Connector Types: Elbow, Dual Swivel with or without Elastomeric Cap, Luer Lock, etc.

4. The 15mm standard tube provides maximum flexibility during surgery and clinical procedures when patient manipulation may be required.

5. 22mm F / 15mm M end connectors allow secure connection to all Y-pieces that meet approved standards.

6. Suitable for use with anesthesia, breathing and resuscitators.

7. Available in different sizes for children and adults.

4. Direction for use of Catheter Mount

1. Prior to patient connection, insure all connections are secure and pressurize circuit to confirm there is no leakage and/or occlusion of the circuit.

2. Test interface before use according to the equipment manufacture’s recommendations and verify on monitor.

3. Intended for use by qualified personnel trained

5. FAQ of Catheter Mount

Q: If OEM is acceptable?

A: Yes, our designer is very professional, we could make design as per your idea for packages.

Q: Can you supply the relevant documentation?

A: Yes, we can provide most documentation including CE, ISO13485, FSC, FDA where required.

Q: How long it will be to get samples?

A: 7-10 days for general products, 15-25days for customized products.

Q: Can I get a lower price if l order large quantities?

A: Yes, prices can be discounted with bigger order quantities.

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