Silicone Male External Catheter
  • Silicone Male External CatheterSilicone Male External Catheter

Silicone Male External Catheter

Customized Silicone Male External Catheter factory in China with competitive price. The external catheter is made of 100% silicone, it is designed for the management of male urinary incontinence. Biocompatibility allows it the highest water vapour permeability when compared to latex and elastomer.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of Silicone Male External Catheter

The Silicone Male External Catheter is made of high quality silicone material. It is designed to maximize wear time. Skin-friendly adhesive that reduces irritation and is gentle on delicate skin. The Silicone Male External Catheter also features an anti-kink nozzle to ensure free flow at all times.

2. Product Specification of Silicone Male External Catheter

MEC Size






Standard type without Tray






MEC Size






Standard type with Tray






Short type with Tray






Wide type with Tray






3. Feature of Silicone Male External Catheter

● Kink-resistant silicone funnel help ensure continuous urine flow, and secure connection to all major types of collector bags.

● One piece system easy to apply and remove, secured with an acrylic adhesive to the skin friendly.

● Perfect fit with six different size and three styles, standard version for the majority and short type for retracted penis or pediatric use.

● Hypoallergenic.

● Breath ability: excellent gas exchange, reduced risk of maceration and irritation.

● Transparent for easy visual inspection of skin.

4. Direction for use of Silicone Male External Catheter

3.1 Preparation for use

Ensure selection of catheter with correct size by using the measuring card to allow safe and comfortable wear.

3.2 How to use

1. Unroll the sheath along the shaft of the penis, ensuring the end of sheath is fully unrolled, leaving enough space in the funnel end.

2. Gently squeeze the catheter to properly seal it to the skin, smooth out any wrinkle in the catheter.

3. Connect your drainage bag to the spout of the sheath, make sure the tap of the leg bag is in the closed position.

4. The wear time varies between users. But it is recommended to be replaced every 24 hours.

5. Release the leg straps and disconnect the catheter at the top of the bags tubing.

6. Gently roll the catheter forward and off the penis. To help ease the sheath down, use warm soapy water or a wash-cloth.

7. Dispose the catheter, wash your hands and penis.

3.3 Cautions for use

1. For single use, discard after use.

2. Do not use if package is opened or damaged.

3. Use a single device for longer periods than 24 hours may increase the risk of complication.

3.4 Storage conditions

Store at room temperature, avoid area in direct sunlight and extreme temperatures

Keep in a cool, dry place, and avoid area with high humidity.

3.5 Expiration date

The shelf life of the catheter is 5 years from the date of manufacture.

5. FAQ of Silicone Male External Catheter

Q: What is the delivery time if I place my order?

A: Delivery time is around 45 days, if you have special requirements, pls check with us, we will try our best to meet you.

Q: Can you supply the relevant documentation?

A: Yes, we can provide most documentation including CE, ISO13485, FSC, FDA where required.

Q: Can I get samples before my order ?

A: Free samples are available.

Q: What are your prices?

A: Our prices are subject to change depending on supply and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after your company contact us for further information.

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