Endotracheal Tube Introducers

Endotracheal Tube Introducers

Greatcare’s latex free Endotracheal Tube Introducers are both firm and flexible for ease of insertion. They are calibrated for accurate entry depth and available in adult and pediatric sizes. Greatcare medical is a professional factory of Endotracheal Tube Introducers with reasonable price in China. The factory was CE and ISO13485 certified.

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Product Description

1. Product Specification of Endotracheal Tube Introducers

The endotracheal tube introducer is a single-use, latex-free, sterile, and individually packaged device for difficult intubation. With marks at 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm and 40 cm intervals, the Endotracheal Tube Introducers will help determine the depth of the ET tube.

2. Product Specification of Endotracheal Tube Introducers

Ref. No.:



Length (mm):





















3. Feature of Endotracheal Tube Introducers

1. Recommended for difficult intubation and replacement of endotracheal tubes.

2. High gloss, low friction outer surface to improve tube sliding.

3. Available in PVC material and PE material.

4. Coude tip.

5. Straight tip.

6. Highly visible color for improved positioning.

7. The scale marks indicate the distance to the tip.

4. Direction for use of Endotracheal Tube Introducers

1. Select the correct size and type of Bougie, place the lubricated Bougie into the pharynx and maneuver into the proper position into the larynx and into the trachea.

2. Thread the lubricated ET tube through the Bougie.

3. Slide the ET tube through the throat and into the trachea.

4. Hold the ET tube in place and gently pull out the Bougie.

5. Follow the instructions provided with the ET tube to complete safe intubation.

6. Once the Bougie is removed from the patient, it must be discarded and cannot be reintroduced later in the procedure.

5. FAQ of Endotracheal Tube Introducers

Q: Can I get a lower price if l order large quantities?

A: Yes, prices can be discounted with bigger order quantities.

Q: If OEM is acceptable?

A: Yes, our designer is very professional, we could make design as per your idea for packages.

Q: Can I get samples before my order ?

A: Free samples are available.

Q: What are your prices?

A: Our prices are subject to change depending on supply and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after your company contact us for further information.

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